2021 Pricing & Annual Client Licenses

General Summary

SharpSpring is introducing new partner terms and agency pricing in 2021. Here are the key takeaways from the partner announcement:

  • Save money in 2021 and pay less with annual client licenses for only $199/mo, available starting Jan. 8. 
  • Your month-to-month clients will be charged an additional $50/mo starting Jan. 15. This is a $0 change for your agency as long as Protect My Margin is enabled.
  • If you have a special plan, your particular adjustment might look different. Your specific pricing will be reflected on your Billing Plan Summary beginning Jan. 15. 
  • The price increase will not go into effect until you’ve been a partner for at least one year, or it’s been at least one year since your last pricing adjustment. Your new pricing will be reflected on your Billing Plan Summary a month before it goes into effect.

Keep reading below for more details. As always, contact SharpSpring Support with additional questions – we’re ready and eager to help.

Agency Experience

When does 2021 pricing go into effect?
Annual client licenses are available starting Jan. 8, 2021. You and your clients will see updated pricing for both annual and monthly licenses on charges received on or after Jan. 15, 2021.
How do annual client agreements affect my agency terms?
When you sign up a client for an annual license, your agency contract will be adjusted to last as long as your latest client renewal date. You’ll see a reminder in SharpSpring each time you set up an annual license, so you can make the right decision for each of your clients, and for your agency.
Is my agency’s license still free?
Absolutely. As a long-time partner, you will always retain a free license to help grow your agency’s revenue.
How will cancellations work for agencies?
As always, partners are still required to give 30-days notice before canceling. If you wish to cancel, you can put in notice to end your agency contract at the time your longest-term client’s contract ends. You cannot cancel if you still have an active annual client license.
What’s the Partnership Program Minimum on my Billing Plan Summary?
In order to provide discounted annual licenses, we’re moving away from pack licenses. Your base license pack is being redefined as the Partnership Program Minimum. This won’t cost you a penny, nor will you lose any licenses. Why? New agencies that sign on with SharpSpring in 2021 will receive a different partnership model that doesn’t include the client license pack. But as a longtime partner, you’ll retain the benefits of the base pack, as well as your agency’s free license. So for you, this is merely a semantics change in the app.
What’s the difference between my existing client pack plan and the new Partnership Program Minimum model?
New partners that sign in 2021 will be able to buy-in at a different price, which will include their agency’s license + the rights to sell SharpSpring. They will be able to add clients one at a time at the new 2021 pricing, which removes the concept of base packs. As a current partner, you will still have your base pack of client licenses as well as your free agency license. Your Partnership Program Minimum may be higher than a new partner’s will be, but you have four licenses for that price vs. one.
Why does my Billing Overview show less than $199/mo for an annual license on my in-pack clients?
Your agency already gets lower pricing for your first few clients, as part of your base pack. We want to preserve that. In 2021, the price of your base pack (e.g. $600/mo) will become your Partnership Program Minimum. We’ll apply any further pricing adjustments (like annual client discounts, when applicable) from there. Note: You’ll still need to charge clients at least $199/mo to cover the full cost of their annual licenses.

Client Experience

When does 2021 pricing go into effect?
Your clients will see updated pricing on charges received on or after Jan. 15, 2021.
Do these changes affect client licenses I’m not using?
No, your agency will not receive any additional charges for unused client licenses. Your active, month-to-month clients are the only ones who will see bill adjustments starting Jan. 15.
What is the minimum price I can charge my clients for their SharpSpring license?
The minimum client price for annual licenses must be at least the wholesale fee you pay for their license ($199/mo). For competitive margins, we recommend marking up their license to be more in-line with suggested retail pricing ($2,000+). The minimum charge for your month-to-month clients is the same as the out-of-pack price you pay for each month-to-month license.
How does this affect my client if they’re already signed up for an annual plan through SharpSpring?
Not at all. If you already have a client who signed annually up-front through SharpSpring’s billing system, their pricing will stay the same until their existing agreement is up for renewal.
How will cancellations work for annual clients?
Annual clients will be billed each month for the entirety of their annual term. An annual client license can be deactivated within the 60-day window prior to the annual renewal date, and the client will be deactivated at the end of the annual term.
What are the 2021 prices for additional emails, contacts, etc.?
Overages are charged directly to your clients. They will see the following pricing for any overages in 2021:
2021 Overage Schedule
Over 100k contacts
From 25,001 to 500k emails sent per month
Over 500k emails sent per month  
Page Impressions
Over 250k impressions per month
$6 per 1,000 additional contacts $3 per 1,000
additional emails
$2 per 1,000
additional emails
$75 per 100k
additional impressions
Will my annual clients be billed upfront or monthly?
It’s up to you! Annual upfront billing is possible, in which case your agency will be billed upfront too. Or, you can each be billed monthly. Agency/client billing terms must match per client when you activate a new annual client license.

International Partners

What’s the updated pricing in my local currency?
Currency Month-to-Month Client Price Increase In-Pack Max Discount For Annual License Expansion Annual License Price
USD 50  75 199
GBP 38 56 149
AUD 75 113  299
CAD 67 100  265
NZD 75 113 299
EUR 43 64 169
ZAR 500 750 1,990
BRL 250 375 995
What’s 2021 overage pricing in my local currency?
Currency Contacts

Over 100k contacts


From 25,001 to 500k emails sent per month


Over 500k emails sent per month

Page Impressions

Over 250k impressions per month

USD 6 3 2 75
GBP 5 2 2 56
AUD 9 5 3 113
CAD 8 4 3 100
NZD 9 5 3 113
EUR 5 3 2 64
ZAR 60 30 20 750