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Beating the Competition Takes Insights and Action

Today, marketers find themselves in a crowded space with many using the same tools and tactics to engage with customers. This leaves the door open for you to gain a competitive edge. Getting there takes understanding the big picture. The State of MarTech report, conducted by the research firm Ascend2 and SharpSpring, surveyed 187 marketing professionals to get to the root of the problems and challenges they face. The findings are key to identifying the advantages that lead to success.


3 Focus Points for Competitive Advantage

Developing innovative ideas spurs revenue growth. Your message of innovation must cut through the clutter and resonates with audiences before your competition. Here are 3 points of emphasis.

“Point #1: Fix the Data Dilemma “

59% of marketers feel their data doesn’t give them confidence needd to tell whether their marketing campaigns are working or not. Why? Because there’s just too much data painting an unclear picture of the customer journey. Consolidating data is the key.

Point #2: Attribution Breeds Efficiency

When you can’t attribute your efforts to marketing results, it’s a shot in the dark that puts undue pressure on resources and makes budget allocation difficult. Proper attribution can whip your campaigns into shape, letting you know what’s working and what efforts are worth investing in.

Point #3: Automation Equals More Time

“Marketers that automate their efforts give themselves more time to focus on growing business. That’s a huge win, as almost half (47%) of marketers feel they lack the time to innovate and develop a competitive edge. “

51% of marketers have marketing tools that are only partially integrated or use manual processes between tools.

Source: The State of MarTech. Conducted by Ascend2 and SharpSpring. Published August 2021. N = 187 U.S. marketing professionals

Where’s the Competitive Advantage Opportunity?

  • Address Data Issues- Streamline the data and make sure a company’s CRM, marketing automation, email, sales engagement, social media and ads data are on the same page.
  • Integrate Marketing Tools- Most marketers don’t have tools that play well together, which creates an opportunity for an edge.
  • Personalization is King- By addressing data, attribution and time issues, you can deliver a more personalized customer experience, which helps increase customer retention and increase revenue.

The effects of lacking a competitive edge

  • Messages and efforts fall into a cluttered marketing space
  • Customers are less likely to engage with your clients
  • No insight into what’s working or where to allocate budgets effectively
  • Lack of 1-1 customer experience

Adapt and Win

When you make adjustments such as Integrating your marketing tools and personalizing your messaging, your competition will be at a disadvantage.

How to get the edge:

  • Streamline your data
  • Make sure data from CRMs, emails,and marketing automation are working together
  • Make attribution a priority
  • Use a personalized, 1-1 approach

The Right Marketing Tool is an Competitive Advantage

SharpSpring’s centralization means having a tech stack that’s leaner and works to increase attribution. It helps you focus on delivering the 1-1 customer experience and drives campaign success to provide your clients a competitive advantage and boost their revenue.

Request a one-on-one personalized demo of SharpSpring and see how we can help.

Imagine a day when you can:

  • Enable better end-to-end visibility of prospects and customers
  • Convert leads to sales faster
  • Execute informed, better marketing
  • Reduce operational silos
  • Lower operational costs and increase ROI
  • Increase customer engagement
  • Create more meaningful 1-1 customer experiences

We’ll show you how it works

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Called a Powerful Marketing Automation Platform, We Prefer Revenue Growth Platform

Aside from being easy to use, easy to work with and more affordable, our primary goal is to help you grow your revenue.

  • As your partner, we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t connect the dots.
  • Get what you need from one spot. Gain deep customer insights into lead nurturing and converting to sales faster by seeing behavioral activities across every customer and their journey (we call it the “Life of the Lead”).
  • Champion better marketing. Execute campaigns with less effort—across multiple channels, verticals, buyers and buying stages—personalized dynamically to each contact.
  • Give teams the right tools for the job. From campaigns to deal tracking, sales enablement features and reporting, less jumping from tool to tool means less missteps for everyone.

SharpSpring gives you a competitive advantage.

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A Solution That Works

"With SharpSpring, we can now offer our clients a marketing automation solution that works – at just a fragment of a fragment of what they’d spend on another platform. That’s the selling point of Sharpspring.

Anol Bhattacharya

CEO & Director GetIT Comms

Increased ROI

We had a record year last year when we started using SharpSpring. What we spend each month on marketing, we get back tenfold. That’s our sweet spot right now, and we think this year will be even better.

Kim Kinney

Director of Marketing, Brytons Home Improvement

Extremely User-Friendly

SharpSpring is very user-friendly, and the quality of support is exceptional! You can easily jump on the phone with SharpSpring’s support team, troubleshoot your problems, and get your questions answered right away.

Lianne Peters

Lianne Peters

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The State of MarTech (New Research)

Over one-quarter (26%) of marketers are having difficulty attributing campaign results to marketing efforts. Without a clear understanding of what is working and what isn’t working, you cannot manage your budget and programs, giving your competitors an advantage. We know because along with Ascend2 we interviewed 187 marketing professionals and generated a report you’ll find extremely useful.