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Put an end to “one size fits all” emails

Your efforts should make meaningful connections with your customers that drive engagement and, ultimately, revenue.

Pay Attention to 1-1 Experiences

Your customers are marketed to and messaged to hundreds, if not thousands, of times a day. They know what inauthentic messages to the masses look like. And more often than not, they tune them out. Creating personalized, 1-1 experiences for your audience could be a game-changer for your business. And just about every marketer out there knows it.

In a recent survey with 364 marketing professionals conducted by the research firm Ascend2, 95% of them said personalization significantly improves campaign performance. (Makes you wonder what the other 5% are thinking.) Campaign efforts that connect with customers in a meaningful way move the needle. But the question is how do you do it?


3 Keys Findings of Personalization

Ascend2’s Personalization in Digital Marketing report published in January 2022 uncovered some eye-opening insights that every marketer should know about. They can help you better understand what personalization can do for you and how it can grow your revenue. Here are 3 key findings on implementing personalization:

Finding #1: Positive Impact on Performance

As stated above, almost every marketer surveyed said personalization improved campaign effectiveness. That means delivering a 1-1 experience for customers isn’t a “nice-to-have” or a “hope-to-have”, it’s an absolute “must-have”.

Finding #2: Personalization Has Benefits

When asked, “What are the greatest benefits of a successful personalization strategy?” 49% of marketers pointed to increased customer retention. Keeping customers in the fold is crucial to improving their experience and increasing engagement, both of which were the next top answers in the survey.

Finding #3: The Importance of Relevant Content

“Building loyalty and trust with your audience are the results of strategically implementing and executing personalization. According to marketers in the survey, creating/delivering relevant content is the most critical element needed to execute an effective personalization strategy. “

95% of marketers said using personalization significantly improves campaign performance.

Source: The State of MarTech. Conducted by Ascend2 and SharpSpring. Published August 2021. N = 187 U.S. marketing professionals

I Get It, Personalization Works. But How Can I Implement It?

  • Make Sure You Have The Right Technology- Using smart email and CRM marketing automation eliminates the outdated email blast and saves time on your personalized strategy.
  • Unify Your Data and Your Process- When your data, marketing operations and sales operations are consolidated with a single-source view of each customer, you’re better able to send a targeted personalized message.
  • Eliminate a Bloated Technology Stack- By running a leaner, more efficient technology stack, you’re reducing the data silos and enabling better end-to-end visibility of your customers, which helps deliver that all important 1-1 experience.

Why Email Blasts Don’t Work

  • Meaningful customer connections are very low
  • Engagement is much less likely
  • Ineffectiveness means that resources and allocated budgets are wasted
  • Lack of 1-1 customer experience

Personalize and Thrive

Focus on creating a 1-1 customer experience by employing the right tools and technology.

What Personalization Could Mean to Your Business

  • Increase in customer retention
  • Improvement in customer experience
  • Increase in customer engagement
  • Drives revenue growth

Achieve Personalization With The Right Marketing Tool

SharpSpring’s centralization means having a tech stack that’s leaner. It helps you focus on delivering the 1-1 customer experience critical to campaign success and revenue growth for your clients.
Request a one-on-one personalized demo of SharpSpring and see how we can help.

Imagine a day when you can:

  • Enable better end-to-end visibility of prospects and customers
  • Convert leads to sales faster
  • Execute informed, better marketing
  • Reduce operational silos
  • Lower operational costs and increase ROI
  • Increase customer engagement
  • Create more meaningful 1-1 customer experiences

We’ll show you how it works

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Called a Powerful Marketing Automation Platform, We Prefer Revenue Growth Platform

Aside from being easy to use, easy to work with and more affordable, our primary goal is to help you grow your agency.

As your partner, we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t connect the dots.

  • As your partner, we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t connect the dots.
  • Get what you need from one spot. Gain deep customer insights into lead nurturing and converting to sales faster by seeing behavioral activities across every customer and their journey (we call it the “Life of the Lead”).
  • Champion better marketing. Execute campaigns with less effort—across multiple channels, verticals, buyers and buying stages—personalized dynamically to each contact.
  • Give teams the right tools for the job. From campaigns to deal tracking, sales enablement features and reporting, less jumping from tool to tool means less missteps for everyone.

SharpSpring gives you a competitive advantage.

More than 10,000 businesses have chosen SharpSpring, see what people are saying about our unified platform.

Marketing Automation That Works

SharpSpring’s Life of the Lead feature was how we sold the client on marketing automation initially. They were able to see the timeline of how somebody behaved with their site and that’s integral. That information prepares them for the conversation that they want to have with their client.

Jon Tsourakis

Jon Tsourakis

President & CRO, Oyova

Insight to the Touch Points

"The ‘Life of the Lead’ is a really nice representation of lead activity. It’s the best way to see your various touch points with a given lead and how he or she is reacting to them.

Anol Bhattacharya

CEO & Director GetIT Comms

A Fast Solution to Consolidation

With SharpSpring, we quickly consolidate a client’s marketing systems to deliver a natively unified solution. SharpSpring is faster and easier to learn and implement than any other multi-system alternative. It allows us to immediately increase profits for clients while rapidly reducing marketing expenses.

Omar Barraza

Omar Barraza

Marketing Strategist, PlanStartGrow







The State of MarTech (New Research)

95% of marketers agree that campaign performance is significantly improved when personalization is used. We know because along with Ascend2 we interviewed 187 marketing professionals and generated a report you’ll find extremely useful.