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Still trying to get your disjointed tools to work?

Cut the cord from a patchwork of underperforming MarTech tools and unwieldy data sources, costing you time and missed opportunities.

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Don’t accept a disjointed marketing stack as “business as usual”

SharpSpring centralizes all sales and marketing automation features + CRM + customer data in a single platform.

Need to drive more conversions and revenue, simpler, faster? No problem.

  • Every feature plays nice together
  • Over-hyped, frequently broken integrations go away
  • Profile and behavioral data personalize every interaction—automated across your entire funnel

Good Enough Has a Cost

Many teams have a patchwork of martech tools that integrate poorly, don’t speak to each other, and often break. This makes makes it difficult (almost impossible) to get clean, usable intel about your customers and then turn that into an easy-to execute marketing campaign.

Myth #1: Integrations Are the Answer

Tech providers have long touted integrations to get tools to work together. Zaps, APIs or custom, the promise for growth falls flat. When it’s realized that these tools were never designed to work together, that the result is half-baked, and that it actually creates more challenges, it’s too late.

Myth #2: Collecting Data = Data-Driven

Each tool’s claim of putting customers first quickly falls short once multiple tools are in play. Each holds a slice of customer data—essentially hidden from others—yielding a choppy view and ultimately a choppy customer experience.

Myth #3: MQLs are Quality Leads

An email click, a form-fill, a content download are not KPIs for closed deals. This once-held-sacred milestone is what MarTech is centered on. Marketers who are tasked with driving revenue rather need a full-funnel solution centered on revenue-based outcomes.

76% of marketers are missing revenue growth opportunities as a result of challenges like lead quality and marketing attribution.

Source: The State of MarTech. Conducted by Ascend2 and SharpSpring. Published August 2021. N = 187 U.S. marketing professionals

The Pain is Real

These bolted-together tools with fragments of data make it almost impossible, even paralyzing for marketers to:

  • Get campaigns out the door, forcing manual tactics like pulling data from one tool, normalizing in Excel and importing to another
  • Tap into profile data and behaviors to offer buyers relevant, timely information, forcing one-size-fits-all blasts destined for the junk folder
  • Identify what’s growing conversions and sales, forcing the hamster wheel of misguided campaigns and misalignment with Sales

What’s More – The ‘Inevitable Consequences’ of MarTech Patchworks

  • Each tool incurs its own maintenance issues and rising costs
  • Multiple vendors, contracts and support teams trigger back-and-forth headaches
  • Gaps in serving every buyer feel impossible to close
  • Workflow mousetraps suck the life from marketing teams
  • Lack of support for complex sales cycles forces unscalable workarounds

Not surprising, the solution:

A single platform designed to consolidate features and profile/ behavioral data—from multiple channels—in one place.

Smart Marketers Realize the Obvious: They Need to Stop Doing What They’re Doing

  • Slapping together a patchwork of tools
  • Trying to fix with complex, underwhelming integrations
  • Piecemealing marketing tactics, wasting time and money
  • Pushing one-size-never-fits-all campaigns devoid of customer insights or personalization
  • Losing trust and credibility within the organization

Here’s How a Simple Formula Changes Things

A central platform is no longer a nice-to-have. It’s rather essential to compete!

Put your data to work to show your customers you understand their unique needs and interests PLUS communicate with them effectively EQUALS more customers, loyalty and recurring revenue.

Imagine a day where you can:

  • See holistically how each of your customers buy
  • Execute informed, better marketing
  • Influence more buying decisions
  • Hit your numbers
  • Align sales and marketing finally under shared goals
  • Get promoted (hopefully!)

We’ll show you how it works

Sign up for a personalized tour of SharpSpring to see how we can help you drive revenue growth.

Called a Powerful Marketing Automation Platform, We Prefer Revenue Growth Platform

Aside from being easy to use, easy to work with and more affordable, our primary goal is to help you: grow your revenue.

  • As your partner, we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t connect the dots.
  • Get what you need from one spot. Gain deep customer insights into demographic and firmographic profiles. See behavioral activities across every customer and their journey (we call it the “Life of the Lead”).
  • Champion better marketing. Execute campaigns with less effort—across multiple channels, verticals, buyers and buying stages—personalized dynamically to each contact.
  • Give teams the right tools for the job. From campaigns to deal tracking, sales enablement features and reporting, less jumping from tool to tool means less missteps for everyone.

SharpSpring gives you a competitive advantage.

More than 10,000 businesses have chosen SharpSpring. Here’s what people are saying about our unified platform:

We were able to fill up our pipeline

"We knew we needed a true partner focused on our growth, and within the first two weeks with SharpSpring we were able to fill up our pipeline and hit the ground running with real revenue."

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Jared Beasley

CEO, Authenteq

Imagine closing just 10% of those 8,000 missed leads

"Imagine a tool that could help your sales team communicate to those 8,000 missed leads with compelling, relevant information to draw them back in. Imagine closing just 10% of those 8,000 missed leads. How much more business would that mean for you?"

Chase Bertrand

Marketing Automation Strategist, Blue Wheel Media

No more using 4 more or systems

"SharpSpring allows us to be super efficient. No more using 4 or more systems – the data is in one place."

Nigel Lamb

Nigel Lamb

Owner & Managing Director Xposure Creative

Frustrated male looking at laptop