Integrated by Correct and Simple

CounselEar is integrated by Correct and Simple. Learn more about the SharpSpring on our Correct and Simple.

About CounselEAR

A suite of tools designed to empower Audiologists to bring their office workflow online. Enabling your clinic to quickly generate customized counseling summaries that significantly enhance patient recall and compliance. In addition, get access to scheduling tools, billing, device management, claims, intake forms, electronic patient documents, and more.

How does CounselEAR work with SharpSpring?

Push basic contact information into SharpSpring for new CounselEar patients and updates to existing patients in “near-real-time,” ready for communications and automated marketing.

The benefits of using SharpSpring & CounselEAR

  • Create and update new clients and patients, automatically and in near-real-time, in SharpSpring.
  • Access basic contact information in SharpSpring for new patients as soon as they are entered into CounselEAR.
CounselEAR™ - Integrated by Bridge Software