About Databox

Databox is a marketing and sales reporting tool that eliminates the painful process of copying/pasting, screenshotting and formatting data to create every single monthly report. With over 60 integrations to popular SaaS tools, it allows you to track SEO, sales, content marketing and digital ad data in automated dashboards. No coding required!

Databox helps in all three phases of tracking data: monitoring, improving, and reporting. Once you can instantly pull reports and view them in real-time, you can spend more energy on testing new tactics. Also, you can set monthly goals and track your progress towards them.

Databox also has a Partner Program that assists agencies with setting up standardized reporting for all clients.

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If you would like to build an integration with this tool, check out our Open API Documentation to see what’s possible.

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The benefits of using Databox

  • Launch customized dashboards in a matter of minutes
  • Monitor progress in real time so you can always be on target
  • Receive updates on performance metrics in Databox through email, Slack, or push notifications
  • Segment and filter data easily using the Query Builder

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