About Enthusem

Enthusem is an offline-to-online marketing tool that automates direct mail, personalized at scale, by integrating with dynamic and trackable online experiences.

How does Enthusem work with SharpSpring?

With Enthusem, SharpSpring users can automate direct mail, personalized at scale, right from their SharpSpring accounts as part of their marketing automation workflows and track the end-to-end ROI of those campaigns.

Enthusem leverages information about the SharpSpring contact to create a hyper-personalized mail piece. The piece incorporates imagery from the contact’s own social media accounts or company branding to build a personalized mailer that’s automatically printed and mailed at the exact right time. Here’s an example of SharpSpring triggered direct mail pieces in Enthusem:

Once engaged offline, the recipient goes online for a multimedia experience, including personalized videos, SharpSpring dynamic landing pages and social media content. The integration with SharpSpring makes it easy to automatically notify the sales team or kickoff an email series to move the lead down the sales funnel.

Contact Info

Social Info

The benefits of using SharpSpring & Enthusem

  • Trigger printed direct mail from SharpSpring
  • Notifications in SharpSpring upon response
  • Hyper-personalized imagery and content
  • Integrates with SharpSpring landing pages