About FormKeep

FormKeep is the premier forms backend service and is perfect for businesses that collect information from site visitors but don’t want to hassle with a database.

Contact forms, support requests, mail list subscriptions and feedback forms are common uses for FormKeep. You can build and style your form hosted on your servers any way you want, all you need to do is change the form action url in the html to point to FormKeep and they handle the rest.

Marketing professionals depend on customer feedback to do their jobs. FormKeep is flexible so you can collect data from any website and any customer and store it in a central location and, importantly, pipe that information into 1000s of different applications that you use throughout your organization, like SharpSpring and others. See more information for Marketing Professionals here.

How does FormKeep work with SharpSpring?

SharpSpring and FormKeep integrate through Zapier. The integration allows SharpSpring forms data to be directly to FormKeep via the postback URL. You simply set the postback URL to the FormKeep URL under settings and the information will be saved in FormKeep and forwarded to any other integrated services you have configured there.

The reverse is also possible. You can send your form data from your website directly to FormKeep and then forward the data to SharpSpring using the Direct Submission feature described here.

Configure your sync to begin leveraging the best of both platforms.

SharpSpring & FormKeep on Zapier
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The benefits of using SharpSpring & FormKeep

  • Create or update opportunities and leads in SharpSpring when customers submit forms to FormKeep
  • Provide a single endpoint in FormKeep to send data to multiple destinations, including SharpSpring, without changing the source html