About FreshBooks

FreshBooks is simple and intuitive, so users spend less time on paperwork and wow their clients with how professional the invoices look. Automate tasks like invoicing, organizing expenses, tracking time, and following up with clients in just a few clicks. FreshBooks lives in the cloud so users can securely access it from desktop, phone, and tablet no matter where they are.

FreshBooks’ philosophy is to provide extraordinary product and service experiences that helps customers save time and get paid faster. Learn more at

How does FreshBooks work with SharpSpring?

SharpSpring integrates with FreshBooks either through Zapier or PieSync, allowing users to seamlessly integrate marketing automation with their accounting records.  FreshBooks helps SharpSpring users make invoicing their clients simple. FreshBooks communicates when a new expense is added to an account to SharpSpring, so accounts and lead records are always up to date.

Use the solution providing the best fit for your syncing needs and in minutes you’ll begin leveraging the best of each platform.

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The benefits of using SharpSpring & FreshBooks

  • Automatically update opportunities in SharpSpring as soon as an invoice is created in FreshBooks
  • Instantly update contact records in SharpSpring when payments are made through FreshBooks
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