About Leadinfo

Turn anonymous website visitors into customers. 98% of your website visitors don’t leave a trace. With Leadinfo you can identify your website visitors and turn them into revenue. No more waiting for incoming emails, calls, or contact forms.

Leadinfo gives you access to valuable data, like name and address information, industry information, number of employees, and all registered visitor data. Leadinfo’s lead generation software recognizes your website visitors by linking their IP addresses to our unique database. Then they show your leads in a real-time inbox with all the information you want to know.

What Does This Integration Do?

Effortlessly connect Leadinfo with SharpSpring to enrich contact and company information from Leadinfo’s database. You can easily send a hot lead to a teammate or expand on company information in your CRM.

Benefits of Leadinfo & SharpSpring

  • Identify your anonymous website visitors
  • Turn your website visitors into opportunities
  • Grow your business with data-driven marketing