About LeadsBridge

LeadsBridge is a marketing tool that automatically syncs leads from your lead generation tools, such as Facebook Lead Ads, straight to your CRM. With Leadsbridge, you no longer have to manually import your Lead Ads prospects.

Leadsbridge allows you to run your Lead Ads campaigns and instantly send subscribers to your opt-in offer, without any complex, manual work. Learn more at LeadsBridge.com.

How does LeadsBridge work with SharpSpring?

LeadsBridge’s simple setup allows you to start automatically syncing Lead Ads leads to your CRM in minutes. To configure this integration, simply link your Lead Ads account and your SharpSpring account by signing in to each platform when prompted on LeadsBridge’s linking tool.

Learn about all the available integrations at LeadsBridge.com.


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The benefits of using SharpSpring & LeadsBridge

  • Automatically receive new leads in SharpSpring when they are synced from Facebook
  • Push ad tracking data points, distribute, and automate your funnel