About LeadSync

LeadSync is a sync service that allows you to synchronize leads from Facebook Lead Ads with your CRM and can send you email notifications whenever you generate a new lead. This initiative is driven by a Lead Response Management Study, stating that sales people who attempted to contact prospects within sixty minutes of receiving an inquiry were almost seven times as likely to qualify that lead when compared with other sales reps that attempted contact even an hour later. LeadSync ensures you receive your leads almost instantly, so that you reach out to them at the right time.

How does LeadSync work with SharpSpring?

Using Facebook Lead Ads to drive leads for your business? LeadSync will automatically pass new leads into SharpSrping, so you can get potential customers into your marketing automation workflow. LeadSync also offers instant email notifications of new leads so your sales team can instantly follow up with leads while they’re fresh. Here’s how to setup LeadSync with SharpSpring.


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The benefits of using SharpSpring & LeadSync

  • Instantly receive new Facebook Lead Ads prospects to your inbox
  • Automatically create new leads in SharpSpring when they are synced from Facebook