Digital Marketing Statistics

Digital marketing statistics inform your company’s strategy and help your business to develop. When you have a set of detailed stats in front of you, you have the data and information your company needs to grow. But what stats should you be focusing on? The following outlines some of the most important digital marketing statistics to help you know what to look for.

Why Digital Marketing Statistics Matter

Study after study shows consumers are changing the way they search. One of the most obvious trends is voice and mobile search.

By the end of Q1 2019, 42% of online users had used voice search. And research also shows that over half of organic search engine traffic in the U.S. comes from mobile search. In addition to this, mobile search spend is on the increase.

As of today, Millennial Media reports that marketers use mobile video in 71% of entertainment campaigns.

In fact, according to a study by Forrester Research, mobile will drive 72% of the growth in upcoming online video ad spend.

Email Marketing Statistics

Email is still pivotal to effective marketing, as the number of email users continues to increase. Statista estimates there are 3.8 billion email users worldwide, and it predicts that this figure will grow to 4.4 billion by 2023.

Here are some key email stats:

  • 51% of companies now use marketing automation.
  • Personalization and optimization are priorities for marketers, and emails with video can increase click-throughs by 300%.
  • Email influences 68% of millennials’ purchasing decisions.

Social Media Marketing Statistics

Whether you want to improve your branding, increase leads, engage with your customers or be more responsive to feedback, turning to social media can help. Below are some noteworthy recent marketing statistics:

Video Marketing Statistics

In recent years, video marketing has enjoyed a rise in popularity, with explainer videos and personalized videos being favored by marketers.
Let’s look at some of the most relevant video marketing statistics:

  • 83% of marketers agree that video marketing provides a good ROI, according to Their research also shows that 87% of marketers use video.
  • Perhaps the most significant figure comes from Forrester Research’s Dr. James McQuivey, who says that a minute of video is more convincing than 1.8 million words.
  • 64% of customers will buy after watching a marketing video.
  • In 2019, 39% of brands were ready to increase their video marketing, research from Linqia shows.
  • Consumers are more likely to retain images than written content. Evidence suggests that we remember 60% of information for longer when we see an image.

Influencer Marketing Statistics

Recently, social media and online content has created a new type of marketer: the influencer. Following this trend, companies of all sizes are turning to influencer marketing and it grows more popular every year.
The following digital marketing stats indicate the surge in influencer marketing:

Content Marketing Statistics

From smaller companies with limited budgets, to high-profile marketers, it appears everyone is turning to content marketing. Here are some of the most notable recent marketing statistics:

  • Most companies (70%) are now using data-driven marketing, according to research from Forbes Insights.
  • Research from the Content Marketing Institute shows that 91% of B2B sellers use content marketing.
  • In addition, nearly half of those surveyed say they outsourced tasks like writing, video production, etc.
  • Three-quarters of consumers will do research online before buying.
  • SharpSpring’s Investor Presentation Jan 2019 pegs the US Marketing Automation Software industry as a $4.3B market in 2018, with growth projected at over 30% annually.
  • In the near future, 58% of B2B companies have plans to invest in marketing automation software.


The above marketing stats show just how important social media has become to marketers.
Digital marketing influences buying decisions and, when implemented effectively, it can have a considerable impact on your marketing campaigns. As the popularity of social media and email continues to grow, marketers need to measure their digital marketing efforts and optimize them if they want to remain competitive.

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