Built Specifically For Marketing Agencies

Expand your customer base. Increase your revenues. Tie your customers to you.
Easily Add New Clients
No licenses to stock. No upfront costs. 5-minute simple setup.
Unified Billing System
Flexible billing options makes it easy to manage all your client relationships.
Multi-User Management
Customizable access levels gives you full control of what your customers can and can’t do.
Expand Your Customer Base
Drive more leads with optimized campaigns Use analytics, automation and reporting Automatically prove your ROI
Increase Your Revenues
Offer additional services & management fees Optimize your workflow and manage more Onboard new clients quick and easily
Tie Your Customers To You
Anchor websites, forms, and 3rd party integrations Manage all your client’s leads and data Automate workflows and campaigns
Get SharpSpring For Your Agency
Build your business around the SharpSpring platform. Prove your ROI, cut down your team’s workload, generate more leads and generate recurring revenue from our reseller program. To learn more about our reseller program, contact us at sales@sharpspring.com.