Company Overview

NinjaCat is a Unified Marketing Analytics Platform for aggregating, storing, and visualizing campaign performance data through dashboards and automated reporting.


NinjaCat is a scalable reporting and data storytelling platform built for agencies, media companies, and multi-location brands. We enable you to connect all your marketing data sources into a single platform, build and automate stunning reports and dashboards that have the flexibility to scale with your accounts. All while eliminating the manual data wrangling and management, helping you accelerate your time to insights.

  • Data Pipeline to 100+ marketing channels
  • Fully managed Data Warehouse
  • Automated reporting templates
  • Dashboards allowing interactive data sharing
  • Monitoring of campaigns
  • Enterprise-level scalability and security

Integration benefits

With NinjaCat you can connect a variety of data sources such as SharpSpring and bring them to life with custom visualization tools that allow you to blend, combine and roll-up metrics. Show proof of performance through dashboards and automated reporting on the customer journey and attribution modeling with our data storytelling technology.


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