About Plecto

Plecto allows you to build dashboards that visualize business goals and results in real-time. Live stream your team’s performance to any screen and start boosting motivation with instant notifications and custom recognition.

Create an engaging atmosphere by leveraging gamification features such as contests, leaderboards and achievements to spark a friendly competition in your team. Plecto helps motivate your team to boost their spirit and performance.

You can even connect Plecto with Phillips Hue lighting or Sonos wireless speaker systems to make recognition even more visible.

Plecto offers you a 14-day free trial and free support and demonstration to get you started. Simply,

  1. Start your free trial of Plecto
  2. Connect Plecto to SharpSpring via Zapier
  3. Customize your dashboards and start displaying performance real-time

Business dashboard software that fuels motivation

How does Plecto work with SharpSpring?

SharpSpring integrates with Plecto through Zapier. It is easy to setup and will automatically sync your information allowing you to display goals, track results and boost performance in real-time.

Once you have integrated SharpSpring with Plecto, your data will be imported to your dashboards seamlessly and automatically. You can then customize your dashboards to display data in the way that you wish on any screen you want – even on your smartphone with the Plecto app.

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The benefits of using SharpSpring & Plecto

  • Customize your dashboard for individuals or teams
  • Display goals and track results on any screen – also on your smartphone with the Plecto app
  • Spark friendly competition with performance leaderboards and gamification features
  • Easily integrate Plecto with any existing business software
  • Free trial, free support and no setup fee