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With PromoRepublic, you can always know what to post on your social media pages. The platform enables users to create quality social media posts easier than ever before. The calendar of content ideas feature suggests ideas for engaging posts based on data, your industry and the context of the day like holidays, trending topics, historical dates, local events, etc. Each idea is supported by several templates within the rich templates library, with creative texts, hashtags and visuals that can be posted immediately or be easily edited with a built-in graphics editor. Get started on

Increase Productivity and Editorial Tracking with PromoRepublic's Content Calendar

How does PromoRepublic work with SharpSpring?

PromoRepublic allows SharpSpring users to generate content faster, more efficiently and cheaper than ever before – which means you have more ways to capture leads and nurture them into sales.

PromoRepublic works like a magic content calendar, which fills itself automatically with relevant post ideas and post occasions for your social media. Topics include trends, memes, holidays, historical dates and facts, local events, inspirational quotes, jokes, etc.

Stop wasting time looking for interesting things to post on your social media with PromoRepublic. Users have access to more than 6,000 post ideas and templates, created by professional designers and copywriters available in a content library, tailored for each business type and in different design styles. Once you have picked your customized template, you do not need any software to edit or tune it. PromoRepublic’s drag and drop visual editor has all the features needed to give your unique touch to the visuals and make the content your own. On top of these content creation features, the platform provides several automation tools that save time organizing and publishing content.

Discover the next layer of social media with PromoRepublic.

Use the Graphic Editor on PromoRepublic to Create Refreshing Social Images

If you would like to build an integration with this tool, check out our Open API Documentation to see what’s possible.

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The benefits of using SharpSpring & PromoRepublic

  • Intuitive online content calendar
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn posting
  • Access to more than 6,000 post ideas and templates
  • Built in graphics editor
  • Automation tools to save time organizing and publishing content