Utilizing Digital Marketing Platforms

More companies are using digital marketing platforms than ever before. As a result, there are more sales and marketing software programs to choose from, which means that choosing among them and their various offerings can quickly get confusing.

Sales and Marketing Platforms

It can be hard to determine which sales and marketing platform is the best fit for your company. To simplify the process, be sure to look for a digital marketing platform that offers marketing automation.

It can be difficult to focus on growing your brand when you have to spend hours every day planning and implementing marketing tactics. Marketing automation will free up a lot of time for you to use on other aspects of your business.

Using a sales and marketing platform that offers marketing automation provides the following benefits:

  1. Track Sales Leads – Automated marketing platforms that track leads across multiple devices are very helpful. This feature will allow you to learn how your audience is finding your business. From desktop computers to laptops, tablets and other mobile devices, this sales and marketing software will keep track of your visitors no matter where they are coming from.
  2. Content Management System (CMS) Compatibility – Whether you are using WordPress, ExpressionEngine, Drupal, Joomla or another CMS platform, your marketing automation program should be compatible with it. The freedom to choose your CMS without limitation is a must. When you connect a digital marketing platform to your CMS, it should include instant RSS sharing, 2-way synchronization and enhanced analytics.With growing amounts of data, marketing teams need a digital marketing platform that can help them understand the customer journey by identifying customer behavior and interaction. In this way, the platform can provide qualified leads to the sales team. You should also choose a marketing platform that ensures integration capabilities are simple and that requires minimal staff training. Application programming interface (API) access to integrate with existing tools you may need in the future can also assist with a seamless integration process.
  3. Third-Party Integration – The right digital marketing platform will allow you to incorporate third-party form builders. This can include Salesforce, FormStack, Sugar, Gravity Forms, Wufoo and more.
  4. Secure User Roles – Data stored in a platform with more than one user should be secure. The digital marketing platform you choose should limit access and protect certain data by assigning specific privileges to certain user roles. Some of the most common user roles include salespeople, website administrators, social media managers and company managers.
  5. Events and Webinars – Another feature that should be enabled within an effective digital marketing platform is for events and webinars. You should be able to promote, share and edit web conferences easily with marketing automation. The platform should capture lead information from people who sign up and then follow up with them using automated emails and reminders. These functions should also be able to create a sales funnel specific to your webinar to track its overall success.
  6. Tech Support – Of course, the sales and marketing platform that you ultimately select should offer unparalleled tech support and customer service. They should offer expert advice and assistance with lightning-quick response times. In any business, time is money. You don’t need to waste valuable time trying to troubleshoot a technical issue when you should have support from your chosen digital marketing platform.

If you are searching for a digital marketing platform, look for one that offers marketing automation with all of the aforementioned features. This will save you a lot of time and money in the long run and help your business run more smoothly.

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