Selling software as a service does not need to be difficult! If you’re finding yourself at a loss, or just need some tips for how to sell SaaS products, you’re in luck. Keep reading, as this blog will provide you with some tried and true SaaS selling techniques to incorporate into your digital marketing strategy.

Selling SaaS: Techniques and Strategies

#1 – Content Marketing

Every brand can benefit from a good content marketing strategy. The main advantages to content marketing are boosting brand awareness, establishing your company as a thought leader in your industry or niche, attracting visitors to your site and generating hot leads.

From running an informative blog to publishing dynamic social media posts and everything in-between, content is what makes your brand stand out from all the others. When it comes to selling SaaS, the right content can put you lightyears ahead of your competition.

#2 – Free Trials

The best SaaS sales strategy is to offer a free trial. Everyone loves to try things out before buying, and that is especially true for software. Most people want to get a feel for how the program works before shelling out the cash for it.

Free trials allow your target audience to sample a full version of your software for a short time. Trials typically last 7 to 14 days, and users can purchase the product at the end of the trial. It’s a solid SaaS strategy that can significantly increase your chances of raising your conversion rate.

#3 – Reach Out

As soon as a user signs up for a free trial of your software, you should initiate a call. Reaching out to establish contact with them from the start will help improve brand trust and also allow the user to ask any questions about the product.

Don’t wait until the last day of the free trial to reach out. At that point, the user will be less likely to answer your call!

#4 – Enhance Your Emails

Learning how to sell SaaS requires some finesse. Take a look at your email campaigns and optimize them for better engagement. Make sure that you humanize the email address even if the campaigns are automated. You never want to send out an email that reads “” Instead, you want to add a real name.

Also, you need to understand your audience better than anyone else. If you know their habits, interests and pain points, you can enhance your email marketing campaigns to suit their specific needs.

#5 – Offer Demos

When you are selling SaaS, it isn’t always enough to just offer a free trial. If the software is advanced, include a free demo. Show them the ropes. Not only will this help them utilize your software, but it will also give them more confidence and increase their chances of buying the product at trial’s conclusion.

Selling SaaS Products

When you are thinking of new ways to sell your SaaS products, here are a few extra tips to keep in mind:

  • Follow up
  • Set your prices high
  • Follow up again
  • Offer prepaid annual plans
  • Follow up a third time

While selling SaaS can be challenging, it is far from impossible. The competition is steep, so you must ramp up your selling game to get your software services into the hands of your target audience. By incorporating these tips, you can greatly improve your sales numbers.

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Kim Jamerson
Kim Jamerson
As Vice President of Marketing at SharpSpring, Kim heads up lead generation efforts through a variety of channels and processes. She has an extensive background in marketing and communications, ranging from TV news to enterprise software and healthcare.