About helps marketers research and publish the best content.’s advanced content engine monitors content from all across the web and applies artificial intelligence to understand its meaning and measure its impact.

With, marketers can automate their content curation and find relevant third-party content to publish to social, email or website channels in minutes through simple keywords or advanced, multi-criteria boolean searches. can even schedule content for them automatically. also provides content intelligence insights to create better content. Marketers can identify topics likely to engage their audience based on analyzing content performance of competitors or market influencers. They can identify top-performing content on any topic to understand how to make their own content more unique. Or identify influencers to engage to get more distribution. They can benchmark their own and earned content performance against their competitors to measure the value of content.

How does work with SharpSpring?

The and SharpSpring Zapier integration helps marketers make the most out of their marketing automation investment by leveraging content more broadly and efficiently. allows marketers to generate email newsletters with both original or curated content in minutes and export them to SharpSpring for their email campaigns. Marketers can automatically source content to curate and publish using SharpSpring social media tools.

The power of these platforms together also enables users to measure the impact of content on lead generation. By combining analytics with SharpSpring landing pages and forms, marketers can understand the impact their content had on converting leads through SharpSpring. Configure your sync to begin leveraging the best of both platforms.

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The benefits of using SharpSpring &

  • Automate content curation to supplement your own content and publish content faster
  • Track the impact of your content on leads generated through your SharpSpring forms and landing pages
  • Generate content email newsletters for your SharpSpring campaigns in minutes