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Since 2013, Survicate has become the world’s leading customer insights platform with over 50,000 answers collected daily. The platform enables modern businesses to act with agility with a customer focus in mind. The Survicate team aligns their goals with customer success by putting strong emphasis on personal support that exceeds customer expectations. Learn more at

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How does Survicate work with SharpSpring?

Survicate surveys for SharpSpring bring the all-in-one customer survey software for collecting actionable feedback. Marketing agencies from around the world use Survicate email and NPS® surveys to provide their customers with immediate and actionable feedback.

With this integration, you can run in-depth research and uncover new insights from your customers and email subscribers by embedding one-click Survicate surveys in emails sent via SharpSpring. Use that new data for more advanced marketing campaign targeting and for determining how your customers assess their buying experience.

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Survicate and SharpSpring Integration
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The benefits of using SharpSpring & Survicate

  • Segment your customers based on their Net Promoter Score® by sending actionable and unobtrusive email NPS® surveys
  • Receive feedback on your newsletters and transactional emails
  • Collect ideas on features or products you should add and discover why customers choose you over the competition