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About Text Request

Text Request is the business texting platform built to ignite customer engagement. We’ve crafted plug-and-play messaging solutions to your everyday communication problems, so you can cut through the noise and connect with customers whenever you want, wherever you work.

How Does Text Request work with SharpSpring?

Text Request works with SharpSpring to help your sales and marketing teams fill your funnel with prospects, move prospects through your funnel faster, and close more deals. With this integration, you can add text messaging into your Visual Workflows, text contacts directly from your SharpSpring account using Text Request’s Chrome extension for sales and service, and sync contacts from SharpSpring to Text Request.

This gives your sales and marketing teams the #1 channel for customer engagement – text messaging – right inside your SharpSpring account, so you can close more deals with less effort. Learn more and see a demo for yourself at textrequest.com/demo, or contact us with specific questions.

Text Request

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The benefits of using Text Request

  • Automate SMS messages through Visual Workflows
  • Text contacts personally from SharpSpring with the Text Request Chrome extension
  • Sync contacts from SharpSpring to Text Request