About txtsignal

txtsignal provides any business with powerful, real-time marketing, advertising and communications tools. By leveraging the most universally available connection point —the mobile phone— txtsignal builds a business’ audience with an easy to use call-to-action or existing contact imports. With txtsignal, SMS marketing is made easy for agencies with a best-in-class web portal.  Cut through the noise of other mediums and get the most important signal to your client’s audience with he easy to send or scheduled text messages of txtsignal.

Because delivery occurs within seconds, text messaging provides the most time-precise of any available medium. Through embedded links, txtsignal provides precise tracking capability and a powerful way to bridge the offline to online world. In addition, the txtsignal team can provide custom text message solutions that range from consulting on best practices to fully-designed, developed and delivered high-volume text messaging systems.

How Does txtsignal Complement SharpSpring?

Users can generate and export custom lists in SharpSpring, then upload their selected contacts to txtsignal to launch an SMS marketing campaign in minutes. Schedule a campaign in txtsignal and collect detailed insights with their custom tracking URLs. Through the power of mass SMS with txtsignal, create a new revenue center for your business.

If you would like to build an integration with this tool, check out our Open API Documentation to see what’s possible.

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The benefits of using SharpSpring & txtsignal

  • Generate custom lists in SharpSpring and export to txtsignal
  • Track ROI through txtsignal’s custom tracking URLs
  • Add SMS to your marketing stack with a 98% read rate within 2 minutes and a 12-20% redeem rate