About Yocale

Yocale is the online scheduling software tailored to your business. The Yocale app empowers appointment-based businesses through a vast suite of applications to manage all aspects of a business, from any device. The platform helps you manage schedules, clients, staff, and your entire business from just about anywhere, any time.

As part of the Reserve With Google platform, Yocale turbo-charges your online presence with the Google Marketplace in conjunction with Yocale bookings to drive new clients to your business. Yocale’s platform helps you fill your appointment book by matching users searching for your services with your real-time availability. The Yocale app simplifies your operations, so you can focus on what you do best.

Yocale is ideal for helping users book appointments like doctor visits, salon services, pet grooming and much more.

Integration Powered by Zapier

Zapier is a web-based automation tool that connects the applications you love. Zapier can connect two or more apps to automate repetitive tasks with “Zaps”. Creating a Zap is easy – anyone can build their own workflows with just a few clicks!

SharpSpring’s Zapier connection with Yocale allows users to sync appointment information across both platforms. Configure your sync in minutes to begin leveraging the best of both platforms. Zapier supports over 1,000 applications and allows you to mix and match triggers and actions to make your own automation. Learn more at zapier.com.

How Does Yocale Work?

Yocale functions as an online community marketplace that is readily available via any mobile device.

Using the Book the Neighborhood initiative, Yocale encourages users to book appointments with local service providers. Users don’t have to waste precious time waiting on the phone to speak with a customer representative just to schedule an appointment. They can book at any time, day or night.

According to Yocale studies, 30% of clients use Yocale login to book appointments when businesses are closed. That can lead to a significant increase in revenue. It has also been found that Yocale cuts the amount of time consumed by booking an appointment by up to 80%.

Yocale also creates user profiles that allow businesses to better serve their customers and provide a more personalized experience. Studies have also shown that it can reduce the number of no-shows by up to 70% because it reminds clients of their upcoming appointments.


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The benefits of using SharpSpring & Yocale

  • Create a SharpSpring opportunity when a Yocale booking is created
  • Create a Yocale appointment when a SharpSpring form is completed
  • Reduce administration headaches by combining SharpSpring with Yocale for improved efficiency with seamless bookings
  • Manage and track clients using SharpSpring and Yocale