Agency Smart Growth Series

Like MiracleGro® for your agency!

Join these all-star agency experts for three, 20-minute sessions where you’ll learn actionable steps to position your agency for growth at every stage of the funnel: boost awareness, generate leads, and gain new clients.

Step 1: Plant the Seed

Shama Hyder

Agency Awareness

February 24 @ 2pm ET

Shama Hyder • CEO, Zen Media • Visionary Strategist & Bestselling Author

Jay and Shama discuss how to get more relevant clients aware of your agency through social, search, events & word of mouth.

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Step 2: Water the Sprout

Agency Lead Generation

March 31 @ 2pm ET

Tom Martin • Owner, Converse Digital • Author, Speaker, Advisor

Jay and Tom present ways to build connections and land qualified leads using content and marketing automation.

Tom Martin
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Step 3: Grow the Tree

Agency Conversions & Closes

April 28 @ 2pm ET

Jason Swenk • Agency Advisor and Mentor • Host, Smart Agency Master Class Podcast

Jay and Jason share how to improve your agency’s ratio of turning leads into proposals and proposals into sales.

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