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Step 3. Grow the Tree

Agency Conversions & Closes with Jay Baer & Jason Swenk

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Close out your agency’s smart growth journey by finally growing a tree (hopefully full of $$$).

Jay Baer returns, this time with agency business development master Jason Swenk. In our series closer, Jay and Jason will discuss how to improve two critical measures of agency success: ratio of leads that turn into actual proposals, and ratio of proposals that turn into actual sales.

Jay has started multiple seven-figure agencies, and Jason assists hundreds of agency owners every year on these topics through his mastermind group and elsewhere. They’ll talk about how to know what your prospective client REALLY wants to buy, plus how to price your services appropriately.

Your Experts

Jason Swenk

Agency Advisor and Mentor


Jay Baer

Founder, Convince & Convert

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Agency Conversions and Closes • Jason Swenk