We are working hard to ensure SharpSpring ends 2013 with more features and better usability than ever before. We are refining our current tools while aggressively building a CRM with unique solutions for lead management.  Below are a few of our most recent updates.

Application Co-branding

If you like your logo as much as we like ours, you probably would like to see it on a marketing automation platform. We are making it possible for your agency to co-brand SharpSpring. In your settings, you will now see a field to upload your agency logo. Your agency logo will be displayed where the SharpSpring logo is currently displayed. This co-branding is an extension of the current co-branding we offer with VisitorID.

Warnings and Messages

SharpSpring is easy to use marketing automation, and this makes it easy to forget how many moving parts the application is simultaneously managing. A marketing agency’s activity in one section of SharpSpring can have unintended repercussions on tasks, lists and email workflows.

We have gone through and added warnings and messages to protect users from unintentional changes. As you make changes to your current marketing automation assets, you’ll notice shadow boxes, icons and messages that indicate how your current adjustments can impact your marketing automation.

Contact Filters

As we move towards building a powerful CRM within SharpSpring, we are making it easier for your agency to quickly filter and segment your contacts. The new filters in the Contact Manager allow you to identify contacts based on such criteria as list membership, lead owner and date of creation.

Interface Improvement: Contact View

Marketing automation collects a lot of information about each lead. We are improving our interface to keep the information for each lead organized. We have moved from navigation buttons to a tabbed structure. This will make navigating through the different aspects of your lead’s activity more clear.

We are also refining the icons for the Life of Lead, so you can glance through the activity and glean opened emails, sent emails and browser usage.

Fit Criteria Added to Lead Scoring

SharpSpring’s lead scoring is comprehensive. By adding “Fit” as a set of criteria, we can take a more holistic evaluation of a lead’s position in the sales cycle and likelihood to make a purchase.

We are now measuring a lead based on four sets of criteria:

    1. Completion – Is all the necessary contact information collected for the lead?
    2. Engagement – Is the lead responding to our emails or visiting important pages?
    3. Fit – Did the lead indicate he or she fits into a segment of particular interest to your client’s business?
    4. Decay – Is the lead loosing interest and becoming less engaged with time?



E-mail Bounce Management – a field for dynamic lists

Bounces are an important metric for your email marketing. You need to know if your emails are not reaching your contacts. SharpSpring is added a bounce field for the rules engine, so you can build lists of bounces and understand what leads are not receiving what emails.

Lindsey Sherman