Acquiring new customers is always important, and retaining those customers is vital to growing your brand. Your email marketing campaigns need to effectively hook your target audience and keep them coming back for more. Here are five types of customer retention emails that can help you meet your goals in 2021.

1. Welcome Emails

When a new customer subscribes to your email list or creates an account on your website, you should send out a welcome email. According to, welcome emails can result in four times higher open rates and five times as many clicks! This is your chance to introduce your brand, highlight your best-selling products and establish a stronger connection with the new customer.

2. Friendly Reminder Emails

Online retailers can benefit significantly just by reminding their customers about abandoned carts, product suggestions and recent purchases. This form of email marketing will help to boost your customer retention rate and improve your sales.

3. Promotional Emails

Everyone loves a good sale. By sending out promotional emails that highlight your latest deals and offers, you can boost your sales significantly. Campaign Monitor states that sending personalized promotional emails can increase open rates and drive revenue by a whopping 760%. This can also work with loyalty programs. Reward your best customers with exciting, personalized deals.

4. Review Request Emails

For your recent customers, you can send out an email asking them to review your products. Most customers will be happy to provide you with a product review if you just ask. You can then use this review on your website and social media accounts to help improve brand trust among other customers. If the review is negative, you can use it to learn how to improve your products for future customers.

5. Re-Engagement Emails

Used as a retargeting method, re-engagement emails are sent to previous customers to get them to be active with your brand again. Return Path study found that 14% of subscribers who received such emails read them at first with about half reading subsequent emails. This type of email marketing campaign can go a long way in nurturing the relationship between the brand and the customer.

Keep Your Customers Engaged

Continuing to market to existing customers can go a long way to customizing their online shopping experience with your company and brand. If you incorporate these five types of emails into your marketing strategy, you’re guaranteed to have less one-time buyers in the future.

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