On-Demand Webinar

Accomplish Your Mission with Value-Packed Content

Live Air Date:

January 20, 2016


1 hour

Lead Nurturing with Effective Content

Imagine what life would be like if your inbox were full of messages that actually made your days better. Now imagine the results of providing such valuable intel to your leads as a regular part of your content strategy.

Marketing automation helps you achieve optimal precision, so you can strike when and where it counts — with powerful content that provides value and drives action.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Create a story that compels your audience to participate, and carefully nurture each role and relationship to keep your members actively engaged.

You'll learn how to:

  • Define your audience and create key relationships
  • Focus on the wants, needs and objectives of your audience
  • Devise a goal-oriented content marketing strategy
  • Deploy content that provides value and positions you as a thought leader

Accept your mission, and make your messages too compelling to self-destruct. Good luck!


Brian Sooy

Founder – Aespire

Brian Sooy is the founder of Aespire, an Ohio-based branding and digital agency that is celebrating 20 years of design leadership. After deciding to branch out beyond graphic design, Brian became principal designer at AlteredEgoFonts.com, author of the branding guidebook Raise Your Voice: A Cause Manifesto, board member of Second Harvest Food Bank of North Central Ohio, and a Ken Smith bassist — the world’s got enough guitarists. Connect with him @briansooy or linked.com/in/briansooy

Kim Jamerson

VP of Marketing – SharpSpring

Kim manages SharpSpring’s amazing team of creative marketing professionals who are responsible for driving leads and improving partner engagement. Her communications career began in TV news and has expanded to include B2B/B2C marketing experience that ranges from enterprise software and healthcare companies to a public utility and wildlife organization.

A self­-proclaimed word nerd, she loves to write but enjoys adrenaline-­inducing activities even more. Whether it’s skydiving, whitewater rafting or spelunking, count her in!