Agency Perspectives

Mission Possible: Quality Content Marketing

Optimize Your Content Strategy Through Marketing Automation and Social Media

Just 5% of the total content produced generated 90% of the consumer engagement, meaning that 19 out of 20 pieces of content marketing have little if any impact. - Beckon

Content pollution is real. We’re producing more than ever, but quality has slipped. Are you part of the problem?

In this issue of Agency Perspectives, you’ll learn:

  • How to develop content your target audience actually wants
  • Tips on sharing and distributing content across relevant channels
  • How to use marketing automation to optimize your content

“What the ‘content fatigue’ discussion should tell us is that, more than anything else, we need to focus on making better content. Not less, not more—just better.”

- Travis Simpson, Symbolscape Media

What is 'Agency Perspectives'?

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