Want to scale your digital agency? You’ll need to grow your sales ROI… and that requires being strategic about which prospects get a proposal.

Smart agencies create a “fast-fail” sales process to focus on high-value opportunities by quickly eliminating tire-kickers.

Ready to boost your sales ROI? Check out this on-demand webinar from renowned agency consultant and coach Karl Sakas. You’ll get actionable tips on:

  • What to ask before agreeing to an exploratory call to avoid wasting your time
  • How to run a strategy-first sales call to help you justify charging premium pricing
  • How to get “paid to create a proposal” to make your sales process more profitable

You can start using the agency-tested tips immediately. Consider sending to your entire team—the content applies to agency owners, directors, salespeople, account managers, and project managers.


Karl Sakas

Agency Consultant
Sakas & Company

A little about SharpSpring:

If you’re not familiar with SharpSpring, we’re a comprehensive sales and marketing platform, similar to HubSpot and Marketo…except we’re different because we’re the only company built specifically for agencies.

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Grow Your Agency's Sales ROI with Karl Sakas

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