What do a Super Bowl coach and a SharpSpring Onboarding Specialist have in common?

Expert knowledge.

A football team, no matter how great its players, cannot make it to America’s biggest stage without an expert advisor on its sidelines. Play by play, down by down, an effective coach breaks football down to a science that his players can understand, execute, and ultimately win.

At SharpSpring, we’ve adopted a similar approach in our onboarding process. Step by step, day by day, one of our Onboarding Specialists will be there to help you become a marketing automation expert with a game-winning strategy.

But SharpSpring Onboarding Specialists are not just coaches – we are also consultants, automation strategists and a resource to help you re-sell more effectively. And while we’re ready to do our part to help you master the platform, everything will be easier if you’re ready too.

Read on for some tips and tricks for ensuring you’ll get the most out of your onboarding experience.

Be ready to hit the ground running

If you’re as eager to get started as your Onboarding Specialist is, you’re guaranteed to have more success. In my experience, partners who are prepared and actively engaged tend to learn the platform faster and reap the most benefits from their onboarding.

Don’t be shy with your Onboarding Specialist

We want you to be successful, and that involves getting all your questions answered. If you are unsure about something, don’t hesitate to email your Onboarding Specialist. If you’d rather get more in depth, just schedule a training session with us through our easily accessible calendars. (Yes, you have access to our live calendars so you can book time whenever you want.) The bottom line is that your success is our success, so don’t hold back.

Make the most of your time in onboarding

While sixty days may seem like a lot, it goes faster than you think. There is so much to learn within the application, so it’s essential that you meet with your Onboarding Specialist at least twice a week. Whether it’s to cover general training or to prepare for the launch of a massive marketing campaign, meeting with your Onboarding Specialist on a regular basis is crucial to your long-term success.

Loop in key team members

The SharpSpring platform is fairly robust, and you might require the help of other team members in order to benefit from all it has to offer. From the back end to the front end, from graphic designers to salespeople, it’s important to have clear communication among all team members who will be using the platform. Your Onboarding Specialist wants to set you up for success, and making sure the right team members are involved from the beginning is a key factor.

Just try to have fun (We always do)

There’s nothing more rewarding for an Onboarding Specialist than to see that you’re actually implementing everything you learned during your training. We want you to use the application to its fullest capabilities – and hopefully even have some fun with it! As an Onboarding Specialist myself, I have fun working with SharpSpring partners and getting to watch them grow and learn more every day. It’s like a short-term relationship with everlasting benefits.

To wrap it all up

SharpSpring’s Onboarding Specialists have one goal in mind: to ensure your long-term success, with our application and as our partner. We are more than just coaches, and we’re ready to provide you with whatever you need in order to thrive. And don’t forget – while you do have unlimited access to your Onboarding Specialist, the resources don’t stop there. We have a fully dedicated support team and endless training materials to assist you throughout your journey with SharpSpring.

Happy onboarding!

Justin Garrett
As an Onboarding Specialist, Justin Garrett works closely with new SharpSpring partners to assist them with set-up, strategy and implementation. He is dedicated to helping companies achieve their business goals through SharpSpring Marketing Automation.