An omnichannel marketing automation strategy is a major part of the future of online business. Omnichannel marketing ensures that all of your digital and in-store efforts provide the same level of user experience and adhere to your brand guidelines.With an omni-channel strategy, customers enjoys a seamless shopping experience across modes:

  • From a computer or smart device
  • In-store
  • Calling on the phone

How Does Omnichannel Marketing Automation Work?

A good omnichannel marketing strategy takes the customer’s journey fully into account. For instance, if a customer begins their shopping experience inside a brick-and-mortar store, they may continue or complete their journey on the brand’s social media sites or the company’s official website. The experience they have in each channel should be consistent to effectively build brand trust, increase loyalty and improve sales.

By incorporating automation into your omnichannel strategy:

  • Business owners, managers, and marketing teams can manage every facet of the company’s marketing efforts on a single platform.
  • Marketing teams can build personalized campaigns around specific buyer personas based on valuable customer insights.

Benefits of Omnichannel Marketing Automation

Omnichannel marketing has:

  • 18.96% higher engagement rates
  • 90% higher retention rates
  • 250% higher conversion rates

Brands Can React to Shopping Phases Immediately

Customer shopping journeys are not linear. Shoppers can begin their journey at many different points, and some may even begin from two or more various channels at the same time. Customers can also easily jump from one channel to another.

A typical customer journey across multiple channels looks something like this:

  • Browsing the company website
  • Liking or following the brand on social media
  • Receiving target promotions based on customer preferences
  • Coming back to complete a purchase

For example, if a potential customer is on their lunch break, they may take some time to browse your company’s website. Continuing their workday, they might visit your company’s social media accounts later on. At this point, your marketing automation system will be triggered to send targeted promotions based on what the customer was looking at earlier. From here, that particular customer may add items to their cart and complete the checkout process. If they abandon their cart for any reason, your omnichannel marketing automation program will retarget them with reminder messages.

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