Oil and water – they don’t mix. Digital marketing and direct mail – they don’t mix either. Or do they? (Spoiler alert: They do now, thanks to Enthusem!)

SharpSpring has partnered with Enthusem, an offline-to-online marketing tool that automates direct mail, then drives recipients back online for dynamic, trackable experiences.


Boost Your Marketing Campaigns With Enthusem

You want the freedom to use any software you’d like, so SharpSpring was built with an open API and flexibility. This new integration with Enthusem furthers that goal, allowing SharpSpring users to automate direct mail processes and track the resulting online activity – without the need for a developer.

Now, you’ll have the ability to create a unique marketing campaign that combines both online and offline tactics – a double whammy for moving leads through your pipeline. With Enthusem, SharpSpring users can automate their direct mail campaigns right from their SharpSpring accounts as part of their marketing automation workflows.

Users can leverage information that SharpSpring captures about a prospect – such as site visits, email opens or lead score – to deliver hyper-personalized mail that incorporates the recipient’s own social media images or company branding.

Enthusem automatically prints and sends mailers at the exact right time based on lead behavior tracked in SharpSpring. Once engaged offline, recipients then go online for a multimedia experience, including personalized videos and landing pages. SharpSpring can then trigger a notification to the sales team or kick off an email series to move a lead down the sales funnel.

The result: A powerful, streamlined offline-to-online tool that works within your existing platform. Now you can extend your marketing efforts offline and keep track of your contacts’ behavior online.

Want to learn more? Click here for more on Enthusem, and find out how you can start using it today.


Joel Garland
Joel Garland