Blog Builder

The Easiest Blog Builder You’ll Ever Use

Building a blog shouldn’t take a computer science degree. Our intuitive, point-and-click editor makes it easy to set up your blog and start publishing posts. You don’t need to know HTML to use our WYSIWYG blog and website builder.

Make Your Blog Dynamic

The perfect blog looks different for everyone. So we made the best blog website builder possible: one which adapts to every visitor. Engage your visitors and subscribers with content designed just for them. Simply right-click to swap out images, text and other calls to action. Your blog index page will automatically adapt to resonate with different audiences based on who they are, what interests them, and how they behave on your blog and website.

Library of Responsive Designs

Choose from a library of index and content page templates. Just point and click to add the perfect design to the blog builder. Edit templates to get the perfect look without hours of coding. All templates in our blog and website builder are responsive, so they’ll look good on any desktop, tablet or mobile device.

RSS Email Syndication

Keep your subscribers up to date on your latest content. Automatically email blog posts to a list of followers at daily, weekly or monthly intervals. Customize your updates with thumbnail images, titles, dates, and other dynamic content. Now your blog marketing management can be automatic – leaving you free to create great posts.

One-Click Blog Management

Creating new articles is a snap with our blog management tools. Drop-in your content, assign an author and category, and publish immediately. Get ahead by scheduling future posts for specific dates and times. Manage multiple authors and create profiles for guest authors. Add custom categories for content in the blog builder to improve discoverability and show the breadth of your expertise.

Social Media for Blog Marketing and Management

Amplify your message via social media. Use the blog marketing management tools to embed a social sharing widget in everything you post. Viewers can share your content instantly, bringing you more clicks, views, and leads. Encourage viewers to connect with you across social networks, and round out customer profiles in your CRM with social details.

Integrate Blog Analytics with SharpSpring CRM

Our blog builder automatically embeds the SharpSpring tracking code to capture every visit to every page of your blog. Easily add media center links that allow you to track visits to external resources, such as YouTube videos or ebook downloads. Trigger automated notifications and workflows that respond to individual users’ actions. Drop-in and edit SharpSpring forms without leaving the page.

HTML Editor for Advanced Blog Management

Know the code? Quickly switch to HTML view to edit it directly. Start with our simple blog builder and add custom edits to our responsive content and page index templates… or create a totally new website in the HTML blog builder. Design a uniquely recognizable and professional look or add your own tracking elements to blog pages.