Smart Email

Quick Designer for Email Marketing

Create striking emails in real-time with the “what you see is what you get” email designer in SharpSpring. You don’t need programming skills or graphic design training to create amazing emails. Point and click to add or remove elements, edit styles and move content around on the page. View changes to your email design instantly. Build email marketing campaigns that convert more leads to sales.

“By using the advanced features of SharpSpring marketing automation, we’re able to leverage one email to personally appeal to anyone who completes a contact form. This eliminates the need for manual responses, yet allows us to include information that is relevant to each lead.

Kevin Krason

Kevin Krason

Biznet Digital

Dynamic Email Marketing Automation

Personalized emails convert more sales and improve customer retention compared to conventional email marketing automation. Now you can send personalized and relevant emails to your leads without the need for coding. Use dynamic features and smart tags to automate the process of customizing your message. Swap out entire phrases, images and offers using an intuitive interface – all based on what you know about your contacts. The result: emails that truly convert.

Email Marketing Template Library

Need inspiration? We’re happy to help. Drop your email marketing content into beautifully designed templates that you can send on the fly, or start with pre-built layouts ready for your branding. Edit templates as much or as little as you choose. SharpSpring comes with dozens of templates that look great on any device and on any email client, including Outlook.

Responsive Email Design

Customers are reading your emails differently – on desktop and on mobile; with Apple Mail, Android or Outlook; on tablets and with screen readers. Use the SharpSpring email marketing automation platform to create messages that will look good wherever they’re seen. Never send a broken link or graphic again.

Create Your Own Email Templates

Want creativity without limits? No problem! Create your own customizable HTML templates to add your own personal touch to emails. Use our drag-and-drop template designer to create fully compatible emails from scratch. Save templates that you use regularly to speed up your day-to-day tasks and make email marketing campaigns more efficient.

Custom Merge Variables for Personalized Email Marketing

Create focused emails with merge variables for any custom field in SharpSpring. Set up automated emails with information that only you can provide to your customers. Of course, we offer all the essential standard merge variables you need, too.

HTML Editor

Go beyond the basics with the best email marketing platform out there. Create custom emails from scratch, or start with one of our templates and dive into editing the HTML code. Quickly switch to HTML view to edit an email without leaving the page.

Organized and Convenient Email Marketing

Organize your emails and templates by grouping them in folders on the email marketing automation platform. Track lead nurturing campaigns and review past email designs and messaging. Save time by copying emails and templates as a starting point for future projects!

Send Test Emails

Check out how your message will look for any email client by sending a test email to yourself or a set of coworkers. Protect your message from broken links and accidental errors. And with SharpSpring’s native integration with Litmus, you can test and preview your emails on dozens of apps, email providers and devices.

Transformative Email Analytics

Track email success all the way to bottom-line ROI. Follow stats like clicks, opens, bounces and deliveries, to optimize your messaging. Know which links in your emails are working and which are not. Compare how different email templates and messages perform, and track your email marketing efforts over time.

After-the-Click Behavioral-Based Email Tracking

SharpSpring goes beyond the capability of traditional email marketing automation platforms. With SharpSpring, you get complete information on a visitor’s activity after they click through from an email. Know every page visit, form fill-out, webinar sign-up and white-paper download from the email campaigns you send.

Add Attachments

Include up to 5MB of attachments with your email to support your message. Store case studies, white-papers and marketing sheets on the SharpSpring Cloud CDN (content delivery network) for easy access from any device. Capture more information and convert leads to customers by offering exclusive content.

Smart Mails

Smart Mails create powerful possibilities for one-to-one communication. Schedule Smart Mails to personalize quick communication like never before. Use email marketing automation to respond to specific behavioral triggers and react to every step of each unique buyer’s journey.

Email Marketing Workflows

Automate powerful email campaigns to convert leads to sales. Create behavior-based workflows to engage a contact at critical points in their unique buying process. Set up email marketing automation for common customer pathways, and respond to specific interests and actions by individual users.

Automated Trigger Emails

Send confirmation messages, event alerts, shopping cart abandonment notices, or a quick personal note – we’ve got all the triggers and filters you need to automatically send personalized, relevant, and timely messages. Use the power of email marketing automation to boost sales, reconnect with previous customers, and sustain engagement with your mailing lists.