Competition among businesses grows more fiercely each year, and with new trends and advanced technologies constantly evolving, it can be tough to stay on top of the latest marketing methods. For this coming year, a few emerging business trends are predicted to gain a lot of traction. These top trends include automated campaigns, mobile marketing and chatbots. Importantly, automation is the key to each of these! Keep reading to find out what you need to know about these top marketing trends for 2021.

Trend #1: Automated Campaigns

Marketing automation is becoming a big deal for companies all over the world. By incorporating a software system that automates various marketing tasks, you will be able to allocate your marketing team members to complete more important tasks. Automated campaigns can also help to streamline the workflow, connect various departments and reduce the number of miscommunications.

Automated campaigns can cover a range of services, including email marketing, social media management, landing pages, dynamic web form building, behavioral tracking and analytics with reporting. When you sign up for a marketing automation stack, these are some of the services you will likely be provided with.

Email marketing automation allows you to start automated email campaigns. These typically begin with a welcome email that is triggered when a visitor on your website opts-in to receive your newsletter or email updates. This also serves as a form of inbound marketing with the consumer seeking out more information about your brand. Once the welcome email has been sent, an entire series of targeted emails can be rolled out to that particular lead to keep them engaged and informed. You can even send out retargeting emails that remind customers about their abandoned shopping cart or provide product recommendations based on the customer’s purchase history.

Social media management is another aspect of automated campaigns. When your marketing develops creative content for your social media accounts, you can have these posts scheduled to be published automatically to your account. This also works for cross-posting on multiple social media platforms. Furthermore, automated social media management can help you answer questions and respond to comments quickly and efficiently.

One thing you can’t forget about is the landing page for your website. This is not the homepage. A landing page is designed to catch a specific target. You can use links on your social media accounts that lead to your landing page. To make building dynamic landing pages a breeze, marketing automation software offers a library of pre-made templates. You can customize these landing page templates to fit into your brand style and message to boost your brand awareness and lead capture rate.

Your landing pages need dynamic web forms as well. Created to entice visitors to sign up for emails or newsletters, marketing automation can be used to build attractive web forms easily. You can take advantage of the library of pre-designed web form templates and personalize them to suit your brand.

Another part of automated campaigns is the ability to track the behavior patterns of your website visitors. Using this advanced technology, you can see where they are currently at in the sales funnel to determine the best method to gently push them to complete their purchase. This type of tracking allows you to learn more about your customers and adapt your future marketing campaigns to suit their needs.

Finally, automated campaigns enable you to collect a lot of data. The last step in the process is to analyze and report back on that data to help you and your marketing team figure out what’s working and what needs to be adjusted. You can track the delivery, open and bounce rates of every email you send. Other aspects you can monitor include social media engagement, website traffic, cart abandonment, sales and so much more.

Trend #2: Mobile Marketing

With the rampant use of smartphones and tablets, more and more consumers are checking their emails on their mobile devices. The growing trend of in-app purchases is another way that mobile marketing is expanding, and automated campaigns can be applied here.

Aside from sending out promotional emails, your company could create an app. This will allow you to collect more data about your customers, and it will enable the customer to get a more personalized experience. To be sure that you are taking full advantage of the mobile marketing trend, you need to begin accepting mobile payments such as Google Wallet, Visa Checkout and ApplePay. It may not seem like a major move, but it eliminates the need for customers to input their billing and shipping information. This method of streamlining the checkout process goes a long way in boosting sales.

Trend #3: Artificial Intelligence

Going by the acronym AI, artificial intelligence technology is expanding in ways that were never thought possible before. With intelligent systems that can learn and adapt, the newest AI inventions seem like something out of a science fiction film. From chatbots to in-home smart devices, AI is the next generation in automated campaigns.

Changing the way companies handle customer service, AI is taking the place of representatives to respond to social media messages, email inquiries and phone calls. Using predictive learning, the AI systems are now able to follow a more complicated conversation beyond simply answering frequently asked questions. This enables the customer to get information quickly without having to wait to speak with a representative. Using this type of technology, companies can focus on other aspects of the business and leave the redundant work to the robots.

Concluding the Top Trends in Automated Campaigns for 2021

While business trends can seem a little daunting, there is always a pattern to follow and steps to take to ensure that your company is ahead of the game. By incorporating automated campaigns, mobile marketing tactics, and artificial intelligence into your brand, you will push your company into 2020 with the best odds of success.

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